The Deputy Minister of Rural Development and Food 


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. Stavros Keletsis was born in 1965 in Alexandroupolis, where he still lives with his family. He is married to Olga Mpikou and has four children: Konstantina, Dimitris, Alexis, and Manolis. He is a lawyer.

. He studied law and political sciences at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He speaks English.

. He served as a member of the executive office of ΟΝΝΕΔ (New Democracy’s Youth Organization), as manager of the Ideological and Political Planning Committee chaired by Kostis Chatzidakis, and as a member of New Democracy’s Central Committee.

. He served the state government as a state counselor for the district of Evros between 1994 and 1998.

. In 2017, the state party “Cooperation for our Place”, which he was the head of, as well as a running state governor, came first in the Evros district, gaining over 50% of the casted votes, but wasn’t elected due to the electoral system and the result of the election in the Rodopi district.

. He served as a member of the parliament for the district of Evros as a member of New Democracy party during 2004-2009 and 2019-2023. In the general election of June 2023, he was re-elected as a member of parliament, and was appointed by the prime minister as a deputy minister in the Ministry of Agricultural Development.