Specific Measures in favour of the Smaller Aegean Islands

In the agricultural sector, the EU´s outermost regions benefit from the POSEI arrangements ("Programme d'Options Spécifiques à l'Éloignement et l'Insularité"). These programmes are designed to take account of their geographical and economic handicaps such as remoteness, insularity, small size, difficult topography and climate and economic dependence on a few products.

Like the POSEI programmes, the specific measures in favour of the smaller Aegean islands [eg. all Aegean islands including Gavdos (South Crete), except Crete and Evoia islands) measures have two aims:

  1. To limit the additional costs involved in transporting certain agricultural products to these regions, (eg. supplies with feeds and flours), and
  2. To foster the development of local production of certain products. The benefited products, currently, are:
    • Plums of Scopelos
    • Vineyards (V.Q.P.R.D.)
    • Citrus
    • Beans and vetches
    • Mastic of Chios
    • Cherrie tomatoes of Santorini
    • Artichoke of Tinos
    • Barley of Lymnos
    • Apiculture
    • Sustenance of traditional olive grove
    • Milk for the production of traditional cheeses

These measures, exemplified by the EU legislation, aim at promoting the development of these regions which is hindered by a number of geographical and economic factors.


For more information please contact local offices of Directorates of Rural Economy and Veterinary (“Dieuthinsi Agrotikis Oikonomias kai Ktiniatrikis, D.A.O.K.”) or the Greek version of the relevant site:

Μέτρα Στήριξης για τα Μικρά Νησιά του Αιγαίου

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