The first steps in the beginning of the century

On the 28th of April 1910 by virtue of the law GBKL, a seventh Ministry was established, that of “Agriculture, Trade and Industry” that was renamed to “Ministry of National Economy” (this was modified with Law ΓΨ4Η and the Law 241/1916), with the following competence:

a)  Constitution, organisation and administration of Agricultural Stations, model Farms of special Zootechnical, Wine-making, Olive-growing, Dairy and Water Management Stations and Agricultural Chemical Factories.

b)  The Agricultural Education in general

c)  The care concerning the Constitution of Agricultural Chambers

d)  The Rural Police and the Police for plant diseases.

e)  span>The Police of Epizootic and the Veterinary Authority of the State.

f)    The monitoring and maintenance of hedgerows, gardens, etc..

In the beginning, only one Department was foreseen: “Agriculture”, that was entrusted to the Agronomist Spiros Chasiotis. With the Law 241/1916 the Departments of “Agriculture Economy”, “Forests”.“Zootechnical and Veterinary Authority” were added.

The Department of Agriculture had two Offices (Administrative and Training). There were also established three (3) Inspecting bodies (Agriculture, Plant Service, Vinicultural and Phylloxeral).

With the Law Γ.Κ. of 12 August 1911, the Law 260 was modified, regulating the matter of the Exterior Agricultural Services of the State.

For the first time is introduced the institution of the “Law-agronomist” and of the “specialists” and the Agricultural stations (except from 4 thereof) are converted into Farms, the extension of which is being anticipated. Farms: the Agricultural Stations that existed (outside Athens, Tyrinth, Vitina and Patra) are abolished and in their place are founded the “Model Farms”, which are also extending into other centres of the Prefecture (outside the capitals of the Prefectures), provided that no stations are functioning therein.  Their foundation is being done with the initiative and at the expense of the Municipalities, the Communities of the Prefectures, the Associations, with state Agronomists) (up to one per province) and provided that no State Station, Farm or Training unit is functioning therein).


Former Ministers - Under-secretaries


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