The Ministry of Rural Development and Food works in collaboration with farmers and other stakeholders with a view to promoting sustainable agriculture, food safety and security, the viability of the sector and the prosperity of rural areas in GreeceThe ever changing international environment affects our policy making and strategy for agriculture and rural development, taking into account the competitiveness of our products and the restructuring of the countryside.

Τhese driving forces, set the framework within which the Ministry of Rural Development and Food makes policies and systematically seeks to make the best possible use of all available financial tools.

These policies, based on economic pragmatism, social sensitivity and a view to the future, formulate a new momentum, which will minimize the inherent and structural weaknesses of Greek agriculture and lead to an increase in agricultural income.

The economic crisis of recent years combined with high unemployment rates, demonstrated the importance of the primary sector and established that farming is a viable professional choice, not only for young people in rural areas, but also for those living in urban centres. Relocation to rural areas is increasing steadily and many more are considering it as a choice for life.  

The new reform of the Common Agricultural Policy can favour all Greek producers, without the anchors of historical direct payments. We aim to make the new regime a boost to productivity, competitiveness and ultimately prosperity for rural Greece. At the same time we will try to safeguard the precious natural resources and promote sustainable agriculture even more. The amount of total funds already secured, will act as a safety net that will absorb any fluctuations created by realignments in the international market.

The Rural Development Programme, with about 4 billion euros secured until 2020, can improve the competitiveness of Greek agriculture, facilitating the entry of young farmers, promoting research and innovation dissemination and creating new favourable conditions for the Greek producer.


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